Program and Service Contacts


Maintenance/Custodial  Office

Kitchen/Food Services


Network, Cloud, E-Rate, and Instructional Technology

Elementary Principal & SPED Director

Middle & High School Principal

Extra Curricular Activities/Athletics/Facility Scheduling

Assessment Coordinator


Power School/NSSRS/Newsletter/MS-HS Office

Announcements/Elementary Office

Library Service

Lunch Accounting & Activities Secretary


504 Coordinator/State-Federal Grant Programs/NDE Contact/Non-Discrimation Contact/Title IX/School Website/Communications Director/Superintendent

Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart

Patty Kelly

Ada Noyd

Matt Carley

Denise Glock

Bill Curry

Terry Chadek

Lynne Ruth

Sandy Voss

Sue Topil

Amy Pospisil

Sherri Neilsen

Maritza Velasco




Chip Kay


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