End of Year Awards

Shelby-Rising City Public School held the End-of-the-Year Book-It Awards Assembly on Friday, April 12th.  The program promotes families reading together.  Elementary students participated in the “Catch a Dragon by the Tale” program from October through March completing at-home free reading as they worked to meet their monthly goals.  Those students meeting their monthly goals participated in a Mystery Celebration at the end of each month.  These celebrations included:  a dance party, games galore, frozen yogurt sundaes, hot cocoa and animal crackers, BINGO buddies, a dance party, and PE palooza.  Students who met their goals for at least 5 out of the 6 months of Book-It received a certificate of achievement.  Book order coupons were presented to the top two readers in each class.  All students receiving a certificate of achievement were given a free book and will be visiting the Rose Theater in Omaha May.  Students will attend a live performance of “Dragons Love Tacos.”  High school students Brenna Houdersheldt Jamie Hopwood, and Garrett Ingalls helped reveal this surprise activity with an entertaining skit.  Students and staff are very grateful to the Shelby-Rising City Booster Club for helping us fund our trip to the Rose Theater and providing student prizes!

Our program volunteers were recognized at the assembly:  Jen Vrbka, Rachel Siffring, Tiffany Curry, Jenny Reppert, and Christa Ruth.  These community members have given so much of their time each month to help with the Book-It program.  They were responsible for totaling books and points, handing out treats and pizza coupons each month, and assisting with the monthly reward parties.  Their dedication to our students is very much appreciated! 

On behalf of the staff and Book-It volunteers I would like to extend our thanks to all of the parents who made this reading program a success for so many of our elementary students.  Taking time to read to and with your child is what makes growth and learning possible. 

Top Readers 2018-19

K         Leo De la Rosa Armas                      

K         Angela Gomez Valdez

1st        Alice Griffin   

1st        Dylan De la Rosa Armas       

2nd       Layla Waite    

2nd       Landon Ziems

3rd        Austyn Sorensen        

3rd        Garrett Ruth   

4th        Logan Pospisil

4th        Jaydon Williams         

5th        Estrella Isordia

5th        Colton Duncan

Fifth Grade Students Recognized for Always 

Making Book-It Goal for Entire Elementary Career

Colton Duncan

Eli Fjell

Kendall Nickolite

Keegan Osantowski

Hayden Reznicek

Traven Reznicek

Braxton Siffring

Coy Vrbka

Danica Watts 

 Alexis Wetjen

Submitted by Mrs. Kelly Willis

Title I Reading Teacher