Recognition Rally

The October Husky Recognition Rally was held on Friday, October 30th in the South gym. The students of the month were announced and recognized during the rally. Teachers and staff members nominate students who best demonstrate any of the 4 S-RC pillars- integrity, innovation, accountability, or service. These students received a certificate, a SOM t-shirt, and lunch on the principal. Congratulations to these students on their outstanding work! The monthly PBiS drawing was also held. Middle school students received a free bowling pass and the high school winners earned one of the BARK Park spots. 

Meet our October Students of the Month and what their teachers had to say about them:

12th- Hunter Long

This student was nominated for accountability. He comes to class and gets his materials out right away.  He works hard in all his classes. If he has questions, he isn't afraid to ask and get the help that he needs. He does a great job of getting his assignments done on time and uses his class time wisely. He is always respectful and makes a point to say hello or good morning any time I see him. He is someone I can count on each day in class and he holds other students accountable. This student is appreciated each and every day. 

11th- Laura Velasco

This student was nominated for service, integrity, and accountability. She continually exceeds in the classroom and is highly motivated to excel. She helps others in the classroom when needed and keeps her peers on task. She has been excellent about catching up on missing work and has been a great addition to have in class. She also offered her time during Homecoming to help with community tasks. She continues to strive to be the best and I appreciate her hard work in the classroom and in the community! 

10th- Taryn Fischbach

This student was nominated for integrity and accountability. I have her in two classes and she is always ready to learn. She participates in class and holds herself to a higher standard. She helps her classmates and reminds them to be respectful to each other, even when she knows they may not take it very well. She is consistently on task and works to her full potential on anything she does. It is great to have a student that is willing to hold others accountable. 

9th- Ryan Graver

This student was nominated for integrity and accountability. He works extremely hard everyday. He often comes into the ICU room to make sure he doesn't owe anything. He also asks if he can stay and work on current assignments. He will redo assignments and ask for help until he shows he knows the standards. He is also kind and respectful to all his peers and teachers. He is a perfect example of what it means to show integrity and accountability.

8th- Karmen Karpisek

This student was nominated for integrity and accountability. She shows great accountability every day!  She is always on top of her homework, never having late or missing work...even when she misses school.  She is also not afraid to ask for help when needed. Karmen always does well in class and while a quiet leader in her class, she provides a good leadership for all her classmates. She definitely has become a leader of the 8th grade class.

7th- Alexis Wetjen

This student was nominated on the pillars of integrity and accountability. She chooses to take her role as a student with pride and integrity. She constantly works at her studies and always gives it her best. She brings a good work ethic and mindset everyday to class. She is vocal about her and others' understanding of the standards.  She unselfishly helps others after she has finished her own work, which is greatly appreciated.

6th-Taylor Morrison

This student was nominated for integrity, service, and accountability. She always brings a positive attitude to class and gives her best effort every day. She is always bright and cheerful. She is such a responsible student. She never has late or missing homework, and is always willing to assist students who have questions. She walks into class every day with a smile and a greeting and always wants to know if there is anything she can do to help. She is able to work with any student in the class, and never grumbles or complains about anything. She is certainly stepping up as a leader of the 6th grade class!

Back Row- Left to Right: Ryan Graver(9th), Hunter Long(12th), Laura Velasco(11th), Taryn Fischbach(10th)

Front Row- Left to Right: Karmen Karpisek(8th), Alexis Wetjen(7th), Taylor Morrison(6th)

Believers and Achievers- SRC Students Recognized 

Every year the NSAA likes to recognize students in Nebraska for their excellence in academics and participation in NSAA activities.  Students who show a commitment to citizenship, school involvement and community projects have been honored in the Believers and Achievers program.  This year, Maddie Hopwood, Kira Pavlik, and Colin Wingard have been selected as Shelby-Rising City’s winners for the year of 2020.  All these students have maintained a GPA above 3.5, participated in NSAA activities, and have been active within the community.  These students have all been selected as local winners.  Congratulations to Maddie, Kira, and Colin!

Left to right: Kira Pavlik, Colin Wingard, Maddie Hopwood

Middle School PBiS Drawing Winners: Free bowling passes

Left to right: Clare Willis, Coy Vrbka, Grant Eaton

High School PBiS Drawing Winners: BARK Park spots

Left to right: Pierce Branting, Haley Hanak