January Husky Recognition Rally

The January Husky Recognition Rally was held on Monday February 1st in the South gym. The Students of the Month were announced and recognized during the rally. Teachers and staff members nominate students who best demonstrate any of the 4 S-RC pillars- Integrity, Innovation, Accountability, and Service. These students received a certificate, a SOM t-shirt, and lunch on the principal. Congratulations to these students on their outstanding work! 

During the rally we also recognized our Speech participants and the awards they have received thus far. We also recognized our Roll of Excellence and Honor Roll students from the first semester. Students with perfect attendance from the first semester were also recognized. The PBiS drawing was held, and middle school students received a Cubby’s gift card, while the high school students earned a B.A.R.K park spot. It was a great rally and many of our students are doing outstanding things inside and outside of the classroom. 

January Students of the Month

Let’s meet our January Students of the Month and what their teachers had to say about them:

Back Row (left to right): Kira Pavlik (12th), Josie Gates (11th), Brayden Zavodsky (8th), Cristina Espinoza Ramirez (10th)

Front Row (left to right): Aaron Ross III (9th), Caleigh Albers (7th), Brea Schaefer (6th)

6th Grade- Brea Schaefer 

This student was nominated for integrity, accountability, and service. She is a quiet leader in the 6th grade class. She is very responsible about making sure she always puts forth her best effort on assignments and activities in class. She asks for help or clarification as needed on assignments because she truly wants to do her best. She is polite and respectful to everyone, students and teachers alike. She is a joy to have in class, and her positive attitude is contagious to those around her. Brea has been so much fun to have in class. She always comes in and is ready for class to begin. She gets her work done and then is always willing to help others. She is a great student to have in class on a daily basis. 

7th Grade- Caleigh Albers

This student was nominated for her representation in the pillars of integrity and accountability.  She demonstrates integrity through her actions and works hard every day here at SRC. She has always been honest in every conversation, even when it wasn't the best news, but her honesty holds true and that is a great quality to have at her age.  As far as accountability, she was nominated because she has held herself accountable at school for her work and actions.  She represents a respectful, kind and hardworking 7th grade student. She is a student who works very hard in class. She is also very respectful to not only her teachers but her peers as well. She is a joy to have in class everyday. 

8th Grade- Brayden Zavodsky 

This student has consistently demonstrated the pillars of innovation, accountability, and service. He demonstrates being innovative when it comes to his school work and homework. He finds ways to help himself study, finds extra time to make sure he stays caught up with his work. His accountability is impressive, holding himself to a high expectation within assignments and sports. He is a wonderful example of an 8th grade Husky here at SRC! The effort he puts forth on a daily basis, even when the subject matter is challenging, is commendable. He communicates with his teachers effectively and tries hard to complete tasks and assignments. He does a good job self advocating for himself. 

9th Grade- Aaron Ross 

This student was nominated for integrity, service, and accountability. He represents so many pillars of excellence here at SRC. He is always willing to help out, whether that is the concession stand during the conference tournament or in the classroom. His integrity is ever present, alongside his accountability. Even when the going gets tough, he not only holds himself accountable in and out of the classroom, but his passion for excelling shows in everything he does. He is always willing to help a classmate during class, willing to jump in and be a team player. He is a great kid to just visit with and he can have a conversation with anyone about anything. His service, integrity and accountability are a great example as a Husky here at SRC!

10th Grade- Cristina Espinoza Ramirez 

This student is being nominated for service and integrity. I have watched Cristina grow from a shy introvert in middle school to a more confident and involved student who participates in golf and class activities with enthusiasm.  She is open to learning new things in class (Spanish) and is also great about sharing her knowledge and experiences. She is always so polite and respectful to anyone she is visiting with. We love to see this girl smile and she makes SRC a better place. 

11th Grade- Josie Gates

This student has demonstrated service, accountability, and integrity. She continues to hold her education in high regards. She also is willing to share with peers to achieve group goals and expectations. She is willing to step up to the plate for the betterment of the group. She is always on time to class and is well prepared. She is always cheerful and upbeat. She is one of the most helpful students I have ever had in class. She is always willing to help me or her classmates out in whatever way possible. She is respectful, friendly, and works extremely hard in her classes. She is involved in so many activities at SRC and really loves her school. I love having her positive presence in my class and in the building everyday. 

12th Grade- Kira Pavlik

This student has continually demonstrated service, accountability, and integrity during her time at SRC. She is an all around positive and influential, quiet leader in our school. Her involvement in activities and athletics as well as her leadership roles show her dedication to our school and her peers. She has superior grades and gives her best each day! She puts in the extra time to be successful and can be counted on for any task given to her. I appreciate the extra time she spends in all activities and I am excited to see her finish her senior year strong! She continues to be a student who sets a great example for others in class by actively participating in discussions and working well with her peers in group settings. She always steps up to the plate when I need something done for FBLA. She stepped out of her comfort zone this year and went out for basketball for the first time since 8th grade. She takes pride in her school and has been a valuable asset to many groups during her time at SRC.

1st Semester Roll of Excellence and Honor Roll Students

Shelby-Rising City H.S. 1st Semester Roll of Excellence

12th grade 

Konner Batenhorst, Madelyn Hopwood, Kira Pavlik, Ceagen Watts, Colin Wingard

11th Grade

Emily Augustin, Grady Belt, Grant Brigham, Kera Denbo, Zoe Kuhnel, Laura Velasco, Hunter White

10th Grade

Alexa Carter

9th Grade

Rylie Carter, Ellie Frederick, Alexandra Larmon, Ava Larmon, Aubree Siffring, Aiden Zimmerman

Shelby-Rising City H.S. 1st Semester Honor Roll

12th Grade

Damian Bloebaum, Carter Fjell, Jese Gutierrez, Haley Hanak, Taylor Hayes, Mick Hoatson, Reece Ingalls, Hunter Long

11th Grade

Destiny Armagost, Pierce Branting, Gavin Dutton-Mofford, Josie Gates, Wendy Godejohn, Trevor Hoegerl, Paige Hoelscher, Teylor Howser, Carissa Schoenrock, Fischer White, Alexis Williams, Emily Willis, Cassandra Ziemba

10th Grade

Liberty Baker, Angel Barnes, Caydee Bauers, Evelyn Lemus, Jenna Logan, Jaimee Paddock, Jenna Potter, Payton Sliva, Jennifer Hernandez Estrada

9th Grade

Gavin Ohnemus, Kaylei Perry, Ashton Schultz, Leyton Voss, Lillian Wetjen, Isaac Whitmore

Shelby-Rising City Middle School 1st Semester Roll of Excellence

8th grade   

Isabelle Arguello, Taya Pinneo, Emma Svoboda, Tylee Truksa

7th grade

Celsta Isordia,  Logan Lindsley, Nevaeh Martinez, Danica Watts,  Kreyten Zimmerman

6th grade

Jaxon Carter, Logan Pospisil,  Kaleigh Ruth, Noah Thelen, Kody Young

Shelby-Rising City Middle School 1st Semester Honor Roll

8th grade

Dilber Gutierrez Lemus, Karmen Karpisek, Mackenzie Kuns, Nicole Martensen, Katelyn Nekl, Dalton Pokorney, Samuel Vallejo Bernal, Collin Vrbka, Claire Willis

7th grade

Aryn Beasley, Kadence Calahan, Elijah Fjell, Loralie Logan, Dagan Moore, Kendall Nickolite, Keegan Osantowski, Melanie Sanchez Diaz, Braxton Siffring, Elva Velasco, Coy Vrbka, Alexis Wetjen

6th grade

Oliva Adams, Tripp Adams, Savaeh Albers, River Bittner, Grant Eaton, Urijah Grant, Jayden Hayes, Balthasar Krieg, Tanner Micek, Taylor Morrison, Jaclynn Prigge, Brea Schaefer, Mazzee Staroscik, Nixon Thelen, Jett Vrbka, Lamara Weddle, Leah Whitmore

1st Semester Perfect Attendance

The following students did not miss one day of school and did not have one tardy the entire semester. Very impressive!

High School

Gabe Dutton-Mofford

Middle School

Dagan Moore

Noah Thelen

Danica Watts

Alexis Wetjen

January PBiS Drawing Winners

Middle School

(Left to right): Noah Thelen (6th), Jaxon Carter (6th), Olivia Adams (6th)

High School

Back Row (left to right): Jese Gutierrez (12th), Cain Schmoll (9th)- BARK Park

Front Row (left to right): Paige Hoelscher (11th)- BARK Park, Aaron Ross III (9th), Mary Marquez-Jaques (9th), June Leff (9th)