February Husky Recognition Rally

The February Husky Recognition Rally was held on Friday, February 26th. During the rally we recognized our back-to-back CRC Conference Championship Speech Team! Our SRC Dance Team was also recognized for being the Jazz C2 State Champion! Mrs. Segner recognized her FFA participants and their accomplishments thus far this year. A few of our National Honor Society members spoke to the students about the upcoming Food Drive. We also celebrated those students who were selected February Students of the Month and held our monthly PBiS drawing. It was a great rally that was capped off with the inaugural Ag Olympics! 

February Students of the Month

Let’s meet our students of the month and the nominations they received. 

6th Grade- Jaclynn Prigge

This student was nominated on the pillars of accountability and integrity. She is definitely a quiet leader in the 6th grade class. I can always count on Jaclynn to come complete assignments on time and they are always done with high quality. If she does not understand a certain concept in class she will ask questions as well as self advocate. She is always very polite and positive any time I visit it with her. She has a very sweet demeanor and I have very much enjoyed getting to know her this year.  

7th Grade- Kadence Calahan

This student was nominated for integrity, service, and accountability. She does a great job in keeping a positive attitude and is always helpful to her classmates and teachers. She is hard-working and her attitude makes her a joy to have in class. This student is a great example of a servant leader and a student that I can count on every single day. She is always willing to help out in any way that she can, whether it is as simple as helping with attendance, keeping a list, or organizing the classroom. This student is always someone I can count on to do the right thing, volunteer, or ask a question. She is  trying to better herself through hard work and putting in the time in effort. This student is consistently kind, respectful, and always includes others in class work that feel left out. She has always been a positive example in the classroom.

8th Grade- Mackenzie Kuns

This student is being recognized for the pillars of integrity and accountability. She leads by example on a daily basis and holds herself accountable for her actions. She is very responsible about making sure she always puts forth her best effort on assignments and activities in class. She is not afraid to ask for help or clarification as needed on assignments because she truly wants to do her best.  She is polite and respectful to everyone, students and teachers alike. We appreciate her as a student and even more so as a person. 

9th Grade- Aubree Siffring

This student has consistently displayed the pillars of integrity, service, and accountability. She is an exceptional student and classmate; she puts 110% into everything she does and keeps a smile on her face!  She demonstrates integrity by always doing the right thing in the classroom and she puts in the extra time necessary to be successful. She serves in a wide variety of roles at S-RC; I am thankful she is such a positive role model for younger students. With her dedication to athletics, FFA, Speech, StuCo, One Act ... she is an integral part in each activity/sport and will continue to blossom through her next 3 years of high school. She holds herself to an incredibly high standard and expects her peers to do the same. She is a patient and kind classmate and shows integrity and service in all of her interactions. She works hard for both herself and her classmates/teammates. I know I can pair her with anyone and she will do a great job of letting them know their ideas are valued and will work to make sure they feel included. She is a quiet and steady presence in the classroom and gives 110% effort to everything she does. On the court, I have noticed her helping out her teammates however she can, providing encouraging words and high fives. She is just a joy to be around and brings positive energy to those around her.

10th Grade- Jenna Potter

This student was nominated for integrity and accountability. She is willing to volunteer and participate in class activities. She takes pride in her work, especially tests, and strives to do her best. She is also a trustworthy and an honest person, even if she has a contrary answer to others in the class. She is not afraid to stand up for her views. She is also involved in activities outside of school and does a great job of managing her busy schedule. 

11th Grade- Grady Belt

This student is being nominated for integrity and accountability. He is a valuable member of NHS.  He serves as Secretary of the organization and is always willing to volunteer. He wrote our Product Drive scripts and will also help with the presentation of information to elementary students. He demonstrates accountability in the classroom and on the field/mat. He strives to understand the concepts and has done an exceptional job in staying caught up even when missing school for wrestling. He has a positive attitude in class and shows integrity in the classroom. Proud of your accomplishments both in the classroom and on the field/mat. Continue to be a leader for S-RC!

12th Grade- Colin Wingard

This student has demonstrated the pillars of integrity and accountability on a consistent basis. He is an outstanding student in the classroom, who can apply the concepts and think beyond the standards. He is accountable for his learning and it shows in his grades. He is an exceptional leader in the classroom and on the court/field who shows integrity in all he does. Younger students look up to him and try to follow in his example. He is a mentor to students in advisory and I appreciate his willingness to keep students on task. I know he will continue to excel in college next year!

Back Row (left to right): Aubree Siffring-9th; Jenna Potter-10th; Colin Wingard-12th; Grady Belt-11th

Front Row (left to right): Kadence Calahan-7th; Mackenzie Kuns-8th; Jaclynn Prigge-6th

February PBiS Drawing Winners

Our high school winners were Josie Gates (11th) and Lillian Weddle (10th)! They both earn a B.A.R.K Park spot for the month of March. 

Our middle school winners were Colin Vrbka (8th), Kody Young (6th), Keegan Osantowski (7th), Brayden Zavodsky (8th). Each of the students received a Cubby’s gift card.