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It was another great Husky Recognition Rally last Friday! We had presentations from our Student Advisory Council and National Honor Society as well as recognition for our Speech team and middle school band students. We also announced our February Students of the Month and had our monthly PBiS drawing. Mr. Bobolz also got Beanboozled, which was the last thing he had to do for the money raised during Change Wars. 

Our Student Advisory Council visited with the students about the start of our “Kindness Race” which will start on Monday, February 28th, and run until our April Husky Recognition Rally. Students are encouraged to take a kindness task from an envelope on the Kindness Board, and fulfill the task. Each time a student completes the task, he/she earns a point for his/her advisory. We want to focus on spreading kindness!

Our National Honor Society students visited with all the students about their annual Food Drive, which starts Wednesday, March 2nd. Students are encouraged to bring canned goods and other items over the two days. This is a competition between classes and each item a student brings, earns a point for his/her class. Last year NHS collected over 50 boxes and they want to exceed that this year! Let’s bring the goods!

February Students of the Month

Let’s meet our students of the month and the nominations from their teachers. 

6th Grade- Patience Spitz

This student was nominated for the pillars of Integrity and Accountability. She is a good student who gets along well with her peers. She will always contact teachers when she is gone and stays caught up if she does have to miss school. She is never a behavior issue and stays focused on her tasks. 

7th Grade- Charlie Thompson

This student was nominated for Accountability. Charlie is an excellent student in class. She always completes her assignments and asks good questions during discussions. She participates in extracurricular activities and gives her best effort in whatever task she is given. She comes to class every day and I can count on her to be positive, do her work, not complain, and make it fun with her peers.

8th Grade- Alexis Wetjen

This student has demonstrated the pillars of Integrity and Accountability. She is a very good student. She will quietly do her work and isn't afraid to get clarification if she doesn't understand something. Although quiet when she is working, she is also very personable and fun to be around. She's active in activities and does her best at everything she tries. She also consistently volunteers her time during Lunch ICU and does a great job of helping her peers. 

9th Grade- Collin Vrbka

This student has demonstrated the pillars of Integrity, Service, and Accountability. She has had an outstanding freshmen year at SRC. He continues to improve in the classroom and puts in the time to be successful. Earning a state trip appearance as a freshman shows his hard work and determination. Very proud of his accomplishments and I look forward to seeing him excel in the future! I am happy to have him in class twice a day. He is an active learner and can be counted on to give his best at all times. He brings a fun and light-hearted attitude to class, but also participates and brings great ideas and thoughts into our class discussions. He is very respectful, follows all of my classroom expectations without complaint, and is willing to help me with any extra tasks I need from students. I also look forward each day to him telling me to have a great rest of my day. He is a fantastic leader at our school.

10th Grade- Cheyanne Absher

This student has demonstrated the pillars of Integrity, Accountability, and Service. She has really worked hard to become an integral part of the speech team. She puts in countless hours practicing her own program, both with coaches and on her own. She studies ballots each week and strives to continue to make her performance the best she can. In addition to this, she has stepped in several times when someone was gone to compete in extemp so that we are able to keep that spot filled rather than have to drop it. Not only has she been willing to step in and do this, but she also works really hard at it and has medaled more than once in an event that isn't hers.

11th Grade- Justin Knoll

This student has demonstrated the pillars of Integrity. He strives to learn all he can to make his work better. He has an appropriate attitude for learning and handles constructive criticism well, makes adjustments to his work, and always brings his A game each day. He does extra work and always does a complete job. This student always comes to class with a positive attitude and a desire to learn. He is focused and quick to ask clarifying questions. He is great in group discussions are great and much appreciated. If he finishes early and other students need extra support, he is more than willing to step up and help them. As a TA, this student has far exceeded my expectations, coming into my room daily and tackling whatever I have lined up for him. He never complains and works very hard. This work ethic has carried through to the wrestling mat. It was a joy to see all his hard work this season pay off when he placed 4th at state. 

12th Grade- Laura Velasco

This student has demonstrated the pillars of Integrity, Accountability, and Service. She is steady and reliable. A student that you can always count on to get her work done in a timely and accurate manner. She is trustworthy and someone that can be counted on, whether in class as a student or as a member of an organization. She has been a blessing to have in class. She works hard both in the classroom and outside of class, spending extra time studying and practicing so that she can be successful. She also serves on NHS and is a leader in our advisory, helping the younger students when needed. She has faced many new and unique challenges over the past six months. Despite this, her commitment to her academics and future plans never faltered. Because of her service and integrity in the classroom and the community, she has been recognized as a RHOP program recipient at Peru State University. I could not be more proud of her.

Front Row (left to right): Justin Knoll (11th), Patience Spitz (6th), Charlie Thompson (7th)

Back Row (left to right): Cheyanne Absher (10th), Alexis Wetjen (8th), Collin Vrbka (9th), Laura Velasco (12th)

                                                         Middle School PBiS Drawing Winners 

Congratulations to these students for having their names drawn. Great job in following our B.A.R.K expectations! These students all received a gift card to Cubbies.

Left to right: Aryn Beasley (8th), Tripp Adams (7th), Makinna Lovell (7th), Mazzee Staroscik (7th)

                                                                      High School PBiS Drawing Winners

Congratulations to these students for having their names drawn! Thank you for following our B.A.R.K expectations! These students received a gift card to Cubbies and a BARK park spot. 

Left to right: Brayden Zavodsky (9th), Taryn Fischbach (11th)

Students cheer as the fight song is being played. Go SRC!

Our Speech Team has been rolling! Students are being recognized for their outstanding efforts thus far. Good luck at Districts!

Mr. Bobolz, Caden Aguilar-Schaefer, and Mrs. Peterson getting Beanboozled! Yuck!

Mr. Bobolz's face says it all! 

Mr. Trofholz recognized our State Wrestlers. Collin is the 1st Freshman to make state at SRC. Justin placed 4th and Grady placed 3rd. Congratulations to all!

NHS members present to the students about the upcoming Food Drive.