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Another great Husky Recognition Rally is in the books! We held our Final 4 of the Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament and it was a fantastic finish! Our Winter Academic All-State recipients were recognized. We also recognized our March Students of the Month and held our monthly PBiS drawing. We love recognizing our students for all their successes! 

March Students of the Month

Let’s meet our students of the month and the nominations from their teachers. 

12th Grade- James Prokupek

This student was nominated for demonstrating all four SRC Pillars- Integrity, Accountability, Service, and Innovation. He has been doing a great job of helping his classmates understand the different things that are asked of them. He has kept them accountable for finishing all that is assigned. He is always asking what he can do to improve and continues to grow in this area. He has been a leader in the classroom and in our advisory. He is always very helpful and polite to everyone around him. 

11th Grade- Jaimee Paddock

This student has consistently demonstrated the pillars of Integrity, Service, and Accountability. She shows integrity every day through the way she carries herself. She is always positive and kind and works well with others. She uses her time very well and has developed great study skills that are going to help her tremendously in college. She uses every moment in class to work on mastering the standards and holds herself accountable for a high level of mastery. Once she has them mastered, she will help others in the class, always being patient and supportive. Outside of the classroom, she has shown service to the school through her participation in many activities including speech. I was lucky enough to watch her come in during 5th period and work on a speech with her teammates. She was always open to feedback from Mrs. Blackburn and ideas from her peers and gave her full effort to the task at hand. Just as I would expect, she carried herself with a level of composure that is rare. She is truly a great asset to our learning community. She is always polite, is kind to others, and is responsible and respectful in class. She gives good effort and shows others what it means to be engaged and try her hardest. She is someone that I know as a teacher I can count on to be "on the ball"!

10th Grade- Alex Larmon

This student was nominated for the pillars of Integrity and Accountability. I have her in several classes and she is a great student who follows through with her assignments.  She always checks in when she will be gone and makes sure she is ready for the assessments. She is responsible and punctual in class. The work she turns in is always  at a high degree of excellence and she remains on top of her work, making sure to turn things in on time. Beyond classroom work, she is kind, considerate, and holds others accountable. 

9th Grade- Deana Perez

This student was nominated for Integrity and Accountability. She has had an awesome month and start to the 4th quarter. She has been attentive in class and always does everything I ask of her without complaint. She is polite, respectful, and even laughs at my jokes when nobody else does. I have enjoyed getting to know her and am glad she is part of our student body!

8th Grade- Landon Nebuda

This student was nominated for Integrity and Accountability. He is a great student to have in class.  He is kind, hard-working, and honest. He enjoys learning and gives 100%. He always has a polite greeting and is a good classmate to his peers. I have been impressed with the way in which he carries himself on a daily basis and I appreciate the conversations we have. We are glad he is a Husky!

7th Grade- Savaeh Albers

This student has demonstrated the pillar of Accountability. She has started her 4th quarter strong! Over the year she has increasingly gained confidence and the ability to self-advocate on a consistent basis. She's willing to listen to adjustments she needs to make in class and is always a cheerful presence. We appreciate her hard work in the classroom and how she holds herself accountable for doing her best. 

6th Grade- Adelynn Favors 

This student consistently demonstrates the pillars of Integrity and Accountability. I have truly enjoyed getting to know her in our advisory. She was very quiet at first but is starting to come out of her shell and really participate in the activities and discussions.  I now have her in class and she definitely holds herself and her classmates accountable.  She expects nothing but her best in everything she does.  If I need help, she is always the first to offer a hand, no matter what the task. She is always polite and respectful, which is greatly appreciated.  

                                                               March Students of the Month

Front Row (left to right): Adelynn Favors (6th), Savaeh Albers (7th)

Back Row (left to right): Jaimee Paddock (11th), Alex Larmon (10th), James Prokupek (12th), Landon Nebuda (8th)

Not Pictured: Deana Perez (9th)

                                                                  Winter Academic All-State

Congratulations to these students for not only getting it done in their activity but more importantly, rocking it in the classroom! Outstanding!

Boys Basketball: Gavin Dutton-Mofford (12th), Hunter White (12th)

Girls Basketball: Alexa Carter (11th), Caydee Bauers (11th)

Wrestling: Grady Belt (12th), Collin Vrbka (9th)

Speech: Emily Willis (12th), Fischer White (12th)

                                                                         PBiS Drawing Winners

Congratulations to these students for having their names drawn! Thank you for following BARK expectations! The high school winners received BARK Park for the month of April and a meal from The Food Truck. The middle school winners received gift cards to either Cubby’s or the bowling alley. 

Middle School: Deegan Cynova (8th), Jayden Hayes (7th), Charlie Thompson (7th), Noah Thelen (7th)

High School: Ethan Fjell (10th), Taryn Fischbach (11th)