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Our last Husky Recognition Rally was held on Monday, May 2nd and it was another great rally! We celebrated our Middle School Speech participants as they had a great first season. We also celebrated members of our band and vocal programs as many of them had a great District Music Contest. Our April Students of the Month were announced and our monthly PBiS drawing was held. Students were also encouraged to give their best effort on upcoming MAP testing and rock the tests! 

Student Council also announced the name of our new Husky mascot. The old mascot duked it out against the new mascot and the new mascot came out on top! The new name is Hercules the Husky! 


April Students of the Month

Let’s meet our Students of the Month and the nominations each student received. 

6th Grade- Charlotte Slusarski 

This student was nominated on the pillars of Integrity and Accountability. She comes to class and does what she is supposed to do. She participates in class discussions and activities. When her classmates aren't doing what they are supposed to, she quietly and calmly reminds them what they are to be doing. She holds herself and her classmates to a high standard. She is always polite and respectful. I have enjoyed having her in class this quarter!

7th Grade- Noah Thelen

This student was nominated for Integrity and Accountability. He can be counted on to complete his tasks even though he maintains a busy extracurricular schedule. He keeps up with his studies and provides a good role model presence. He is a great student and teammate. He works hard in class and in athletics. He often looks for different ways to do something. He seeks out help when needed and is always thinking of better ways to do things. We appreciate him putting his best foot forward in everything that he does. 

8th Grade- Kenny Pearson

I am nominating this student on the pillars of Integrity and Accountability. He has really done a nice job this year of keeping up on his classwork. He contributes to class discussions and is able to work well with others. He brings a level of fun to the classroom and activities while still being able to do what is required in class. I have also enjoyed seeing him get involved with Middle School Speech and he has done a great job! Keep up the good work!

9th Grade- Emma Svoboda

I am nominating this student on the pillars of Integrity, Service, and Accountability.  She takes her academics very seriously, always putting forward her best effort in class.  She is not afraid to ask questions when she needs to. If she misses class she always makes sure to contact teachers to see what she is missing and has the work completed upon her return. She has also worked hard in the activities she is involved in, striving to do the best she can. In addition, she has come in and helped middle school speech students practice their speeches to get prepared for competition. She has a unique ability to put forth a great effort regardless of how she feels. Always willing to do the tasks at hand. She is creative and dependable in the classroom and is always volunteering to help with other tasks and can be called on when I need help.

10th Grade- Aiden Zimmerman

This student consistently demonstrates the pillars of Service, Accountability, and Integrity. He is someone who expects nothing but his best all of the time. You can tell that his academics are very important to him. I have enjoyed getting to know him in class this semester and hearing about his own experiences when it comes to financials.  He has been a joy to have in class and FBLA this year. In class, he works hard, contributes good ideas, and always has a happy and positive demeanor about him. This past month he volunteered his time to help with a highway cleanup and yard cleanup for FBLA and performed very well on all of his tests at our state competition. He's had a great month and is a great Husky leader!

11th Grade- Lillian Weddle

This student has been nominated on all 4 pillars. She has shown over and over that she meets them all through the way she approaches her participation in activities. I depend on her in One-act as an amazing crew member who can anticipate what needs to be done and then does it before being asked. In Speech she works extra hard to make sure that her events are the best they can be, studying ballots and finding ways to improve each week. However, she has blown me away with her assistance in middle school speech. She comes to weekly practices, gives constructive feedback to anyone she is asked to work with, volunteers to judge at contests, writes fantastic ballots for other students, and models to our middle school students what it means to be on the SRC speech team. I am impressed with how the middle school students listen to her and respect her advice and direction! She is an incredibly helpful student at SRC. She is not a member of our student council but has volunteered to lend a helping hand when needed. She is a leader on the speech team; I have witnessed her mentoring and helping her own teammates as well as the middle school students because she wants to help build her team up! She volunteers in the classroom as well and her sense of humor keeps me on my toes. Her service is greatly appreciated! I truly believe that she has more than earned the honor of Student of the Month. 

12th Grade- Hunter White

This student is being nominated on the pillars of Integrity, Service, and Accountability. He exemplifies what it means to be a Husky ... he has school pride in everything he does and gives his BEST effort every single time. He is accountable in the classroom and is prepared for mastering the content. His service goes above and beyond the average high school student. He volunteers to help with anything needed; between picking up chairs after home athletic events and the plays, leading our Student Council by example, and volunteering to help with our service projects; being the first to lend a hand when things need to be moved; and he does this all with a smile on his face. In our Advisory he is always kind and respectful. He is a good leader and steps up to help any other student if they need it. He takes charge of the activities and is a true leader in advisory. He participates in activities and is a member of clubs and he works hard in all of them. He is also someone who shows up to help anyone at any time. I have truly enjoyed getting to know him in class and in advisory.  Husky proud!!! 

Front Row (left to right): Emma Svoboda (9th), Charlotte Slusarski (6th), Noah Thelen (7th)

Back Row (left to right): Aiden Zimmerman (10th), Lillian Weddle (11th), Kenny Pearson (8th), Hunter White (12th)

                                                                        April PBiS Drawing Winners

Great work by all the students that received a PAW during the month of April! We had a school year high of 169 PAWs given out for the month! Way to follow our BARK rules! Our middle school winners received a free bowling pass and our high school winners received BARK Park for the month of May and a meal from the Food Truck. Congratulations to each student! 

Middle School Winners

Front Row (left to right): Keira Garcia (6th), Anisha Ibarra (6th), Grant Eaton (7th(

Back Row (left to right): Neveah Martinez (8th), Eli Fjell (8th), Tanner Micek (7th)

High School Winners

Left to right: Alexa Carter (11th), Clare Willis (9th)

We made sure to recognize all of our Secondary SRC Staff as it was the start of Staff Appreciation Week! We are so fortunate to have such a great team! Thank you for all you do!